Funeral products

Nothing is as personal as a funeral. That is why the funeral sector is constantly searching for new products, which must naturally be of the highest quality. As an innovator in the sector Zimex offers a wide selection of traditional and innovative funeral articles. And with our up-to-date stock management system we can deliver immediately and flexibly.

Zimex is a preferred supplier for a wide range of international brands.

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In our range of funeral articles we don’t just supply well-known makes and quality at an attractive price/quality ratio. We also have a wide range of funeral articles that we produce. And are you looking for a unique tailor-made product? Then we offer custom-made solutions. Would you like to find out more? Then feel free to contact us without obligation. We will be pleased to help you.


You can come to Zimex for high-grade, quality handles for coffins. We don’t just have a large number of traditional models and types of finish in stock, but we can assist you with new, contemporary products thanks to our constant innovations in the field of design and applications.

We produce and supply handles in wood, metal, plastic and also in a wide range of other materials, on request.




Zimex offers a stylish selection of religious crosses in all possible materials. Traditional or modern in form. And are you looking for a unique design? In that case there are also many options.


Coffin screws

You can also come to Zimex for coffin screws in a wide range of materials. Do you have specific ideas about design or materials? We can also be of service to you in that case.






Unique custom work

With our international connections, innovative strength and experience in custom-made solutions we can rightly call ourselves specialists in custom work. We can support and guide you in designing and developing custom made products which match your wishes to the smallest detail. With a 3D model you can obtain a realistic impression of the product before it goes into production, if you wish. We work with you in close consultation to find the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective methods and suppliers to manufacture your product.

Our personnel will be pleased to inform you about all the options.



Custom made

CPL funeral articles

Well known producers and brands of funeral products recognise our quality as a total supplier for the funeral industry. We are exclusive suppliers in the Netherlands for CPL’s premium quality range. The high-quality products in this range combine careful design, user convenience and safety with a sublime level of finish. We are also able to realise fast and efficient custom-made solutions in collaboration with CPL, for example for crematoriums, funeral parlours and hospitals.


CPL uitvaartartikelen

Kibu stainless steel coffin buggy

  • Stainless steel, fully welded with a perfect finish
  • High-quality rubber upper surface for maximum grip
  • 200 kg. tested loading
  • Small, compact and lightweight (just 3.5 kg.)
  • Patented design

Arc head and neck rest

  • Stainless steel, fully welded with a perfect finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Two different heights

Luna neck and limb rest

  • Fully stainless steel with high-grade finish
  • Provides support, for example to facilitate hair washing
  • Frequently used to temporarily support arms, legs, etc.
  • Easy to clean

Derg coffin trolley

  • Without handgrips
  • Just 150 mm when folded

Shannon coffin trolley

  • Stainless steel handgrips with rubber surface for maximum comfort and grip
  • Various castors possible

Barrow coffin trolley

  • Two fixed pneumatic castors, two swivel castors
  • Tubular frame with high-quality ribbed rubber surface, integrated handgrips
  • Easy to fold away and store
  • Popular among funeral parlours, cemeteries and crematoriums


  • High-quality stainless steel construction for intensive use
  • All fastenings, bearings, etc constructed in stainless steel
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation (button control also possible)
  • Silent lift system developed by CPL
  • CE approved
  • Stainless steel covered in high-quality rubber for extra grip
  • Various finishes and options possible

Betra frame

  • Specially designed for use with cold storage, for example in hospitals
  • Can easily be placed on top of the X-lifter
  • Flexible roller system; easily adjustable to the desired dimensions
  • Adjustable end retainer to prevent the stretcher or coffin rolling forward


  • Universally applicable top surface constructed in high grade stainless steel for long-lasting and intensive use, perfect finish
  • Easy to fold up, store and transport, usable in combination with many CPL products

Multimex Ceiling lift

  • Unique design, developed for low ceilings, easy to assemble
  • 360 degree rotation, very user-friendly and silent
  • Attachment rings for Multimex carrying straps and Bodymat
  • Framework can also be ordered separately for use on your own lift
  • Fully stainless steel frame with high-quality finish
  • Tested lifting capacity: 250 kg.

Multimex Bodymat

  • Specially developed by CPL; for universal application
  • Unique material; very flexible and strong, high quality finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Six strong carrying straps, tested carrying capacity: 200 kg.

Multimex carrying strap kit

  • Multi-functional application for, among other things, easy and user-friendly carrying and lowering of coffins
  • For lifting and carrying body bags and the CPL Bodymat
  • Specially developed stainless steel stirrups; very solid and user-friendly, including carrying straps
  • Adjustable in length
  • Patented design